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The University acknowledges that the GOD of (Genesis 1:1), incarnate in Jesus of Nazareth commanded the believers to spread HIS Word, “to make disciples and to teach and preach HIS Word the Holy Bible,” (Matthew 28:16-20); (Mark 15:16-18). Whereas it’s the prerogative of SCBU Trustees and recorded in the originating documents including the Constitution and Bylaws’ to honor Christ Jesus as the University’s Founder and Chancellor. This honor the University Trustees hold in perpetuity whereas these Articles cannot be changed or amended. Smith Chapel Bible University is owned and operated by: EDUCATION BASED CONSULTANTS OF AMERICA LLC.

Religious institutions that meet the requirements found in Section 1005.06(1) (f), Florida Statutes and Rule 6E-5.001

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Smith Chapel Bible University
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Tallahassee, FL 32308
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"Financial Policy Update"
Our accountant has advised us to only accept payment of tuition, fees, books, services, registration, etc., directly from our students or clients, in compliance with current KYC federal statutes. or download Section 601.0 for quick summary.

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